North to the Grand Mesa

This view looks north over forests and canyons towards the Grand Mesa on the horizon. The photograph was taken on the Warner Trail near High Point at Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, Colorado.

False hellebore

When the snow is finally out in late spring, false hellebore quickly emerges and spreads over the damp ground. These false hellebore were photographed at 10,640′ growing at the summit of Coal Bank Pass, San Juan Mountains, Colorado.

Double take at Madera Creek

Along Madera Creek in the Santa Rita Mountains, Arizona. The top picture is from late February, the one below is from the same location in early November of the same year.

After the rain

Looking west from Corona de Tucson, Arizona after a summer monsoon storm with ocotillos screening the view.

Wild and woolly

Prickly Pear Cactus and Woolly Daisies create an interesting juxtaposition in the Superstition Mountains in central Arizona.

Along the granite ridge

The granite that forms Arizona’s Santa Catalina Mountains is evident in the many boulder dominated areas throughout the range. These rocks are part of a well defined area of many free-standing formations known as the hoodoos.

Another way to go

Another Way to Go is the title of an album by the great Texas singer, songwriter, and musician Radney Foster released back in September of 2002. The album’s strikingly rendered cover features a photo of this very road sign. It was taken at this remote road fork at the northern end of the Davis Mountains in far West Texas.