WEST of Utopia


My name is Andrew John Steuer III, but you can call me Andy. I’ve worked in both the private and public sectors as a graphic artist, and continue to work in fine art as a painter. American birds are the main subjects of my paintings; watercolor is my medium.


As my background would suggest, I’m a visual guy, and that explains my natural affinity for the wide open spaces of my dry corner of the country. The clear air, the pure light, the vivid color, and the wild, striking landscape have all combined to produce an inexhaustible mother lode of visually compelling elements, and it is my intention to mine that rich vein for all it’s worth.


West of Utopia is a presentation of places and things from around the American Southwest; places and things that I find interesting. In my case, that’s darn near everything. The point of view is my own, the photographs and remarks are my original work, and any errors are my responsibility.


West of Utopia flows from a certain vision. It is a personal journal presented by someone who makes no pretense of being some kind of local expert, gifted writer, or fine photographer. It’s just a friend of your’s who is travelling somewhere you may have never been, sending you postcards from the road.


It’s kind of like an old pickup truck, heading out from who knows where, across a darkening high desert valley, bound for points unknown. There’s no telling where things will end up, but like they say: it’s not the destination; it’s the journey.