The old Jay-Six Ranch west of Benson, Arizona was a well regarded cattle operation run by a man named Jack Speiden. A large parcel of well-preserved mid-elevation grassland remains where the Jay-Six herds once roamed. Rancher Speiden followed sound range management practices and today’s flourishing grasslands are a testiment to his stewardship. A small piece of that land is now home to me and my family. Nowadays on maps and roadsigns the written form for Jay-Six has been simplified to J-Six or just J-6.

That’s how my second┬ápost read when I began this blog. A few months back, I was beset with some technical issues outside my control. Those issues have since been corrected, presumably at the source, as I did not cause them nor did I fix them. I did lose some content, resulting in a gap from March until now. I plan to rebuild with new material and republish some existing posts with new photos and discard some of the posts that I find are not as sharply focused as I would like. In the meantime, I probably lost most of my readership, but I’m just happy to be up and running again.