The former mining town of Ouray, Colorado is blessed with many outdoor amenities. One of the foremost among these is the little gem of a city park called Box Cañon Falls. Here, Canyon Creek flows off the high cliffs and drops 285′ into the narrow gorge below. A steel walkway anchored into the canyon walls allows visitors to enter the tight slot of lower Box Cañon and approach the base of the falls. The sound of the thundering  cascade, reverberating in the narrow confines of the passage, is deafening, especially around May and June when the runoff from snowmelt is at its peak. The fact that the waterfall is largely concealed inside a great crack in the canyon cliffs hardly diminishes the spectacle. Only the very bottom of the falls is visible as it blasts into the creek bed from its deep crevice, but it is enough to provide some sense of the overwhelming power produced by thousands of gallons of water falling from a great height.